Honda Wins Best Retained Value Award

Thanks to vehicles like the 2014 Honda Odyssey, the Honda Brand has again won Best Retained Value from

Thanks to vehicles like the 2014 Honda Odyssey, the Honda Brand has again won Best Retained Value from

The Honda Brand has again won Best Retained Value from, meaning your new Honda will be worth the most when it’s time to trade it in.

Edmunds looks at True Market Value, highest projected residual value after five years. Honda wins among non-luxury brands with a project residual value of 50.1%.

Individually the Honda Civic and Honda Odyssey earned best retained value in its class.

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Honda Accord Voted Best for Small Drivers

The Honda Accord is one of the best vehicles for small drivers.

That’s according to Edmunds, who studied the vehicles and determined which ones are best for small driver safety. They say to look for vehicles with great visibility. Look for vehicles that a low border between the metal body and window, and a big area above the frame and below the roof.

The biggest issue is safety.

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2014 Honda CR-V: Best SUV you can buy

2014-Honda-CR-V says the Honda CR-V is the best new 5-passenger vehicle you can buy.

Edmunds,com says the 2014 Honda CR-V is the best new 5-passenger SUV you can buy.

Anyone who is already a CR-V has fallen in love, and when you see it for yourself, you’ll see what Edmunds is saying. Edmunds puts it on the list because you’ll get up to 30 MPG. For a 5-passenger vehicle, there is a lot of available space. With the seats up, you can fit 37.2 cubic feet of cargo inside. Fold down the rear seats, and you can fit up to 70.9 of cubic feet cargo.

“…when it comes to cold, hard facts, figures and just plain reasonable decision-making, there’s no doubt which five-passenger SUV we’d recommend first to friends and family: the Honda CR-V,” Edmunds says.

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Honda Models Named Best Family Cars


The Honda AccordHonda Civic and Honda CR-V were named some of the best vehicles for families, according to a study by Parents Magazine and

The auto and parenting sites considered safety, fuel economy, technology and connectivity to complete its rankings.

With that said, it’s easy to see why all these models are on the list.

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Review: 2013 Honda Pilot



The 2013 Honda Pilot adds a backup camera standard on all models, along with room for 8.

The 2013 Honda Pilot is one of the best choices for a larger families. It’s one of the few vehicles that offers comfortable seating for up to 8 people, and with a backup camera now standard across the lineup, the Pilot is one of the most practical choices for those seeking a large SUV.

We’ve always found the Pilot to be one of the most underrated vehicles in Honda’s lineup. There isn’t a wasted millimeter of space in the Pilot. There’s room for 8 people to sit inside, and even taller passengers will fit comfortably in the back of a Pilot. Sometimes we look at 3-row models and think “who would fit in that third row,” but we don’t think that’s the case in the 2013 Honda Pilot.

While the Pilot is relatively the same as previous models, a backup camera is now standard on all 2013 Honda Pilot models. This is a big step forward, because we know it can be hard to fit a larger SUV into a tight space. Those problems are now a thing of the past.


Watch Waikem Honda salesman Dustin Shahan’s walk around of the 2013 Honda Pilot:

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