Honda Civic: Top Ten Best Seller of 2014

Staying strong and keeping its position secure in the top ten is the Honda Civic. Automotive sales grew six percent in 2014 with a grand total of about 16.5 million cars sold. This was a huge year with record sales and all of the vehicles competed to secure a spot in the Top Ten Best Selling Cars of 2014. Over half of the top ten were non-sedan vehicles due to a huge growth in sales with SUV/Truck’s towards the end of the year. But the consumers spoke by choosing this popular sedan more then others showing that Honda’s reputation stays strong.

The Honda Civic is the best choice for small cars with its incredible fuel economy and standard features that compete with even the larger vehicles in the market. You will get a back up camera and Bluetooth SMS capabilities without paying any extra which is something you don’t find in all new vehicles. And new to the Honda Civic trims is the SE trim. this trim adds Hondalink, automatic cruise control and Honda LaneWatch.

Experts agree that the Honda Civic is a fierce competitor in the automotive industry and we don’t see them leaving any time soon. Offering so much at a low price is why this vehicle has remained a household name. Come see us at Waikem Honda and let us show you why the Honda Civic is the perfect choice!

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