New Honda Crossover at the NY Auto Show

Each year the New York Auto Show brings good tidings from all of our favorite manufacturers. This year we have our eye on Honda.

Honda will share information on a new Honda crossover. The Fit-based crossover will hopefully be added to the line-up near the end of this year. The new Honda crossover, being named the HR-V, will be very similar to a crossover currently being sold in Japan, the Vezel.

Photo 03

While no details are known about the Honda HR-V, it is expected to be powered by the 2015 Honda Fit’s 130-hp 1.5-liter four cylinder engine.

Honda will be sharing more details during the New York Auto Show although it is uncertain whether one will actually be present for onlookers to gaze upon. So, here is hoping we can get a good look at the new Honda crossover when the New York Auto Show begins in a few days.

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