Toyota Corolla Struggles in Frontal Crash Test

The 2014 Toyota Corolla  struggled in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Frontal Crash Test. The test simulates what happens if a car hits another car from drifting partially into the oncoming lane, or the effects of striking a stationary object like a pole or a tree.

While the Corolla performed poorly in this new test, the Honda Civic Coupe and Sedan Models were the only new cars to achieve the top score of “good” in the all-new test. IIHS has tested 13 small cars this year.

On the Corolla, IIHS said: “Structural performance was poor and the driver’s space was seriously compromised by intruding structure.”

The Corolla was redesigned for 2014. According to IIHS, the damage to the crash test dummies indicates that Corolla drivers could experience injuries to the left leg in a frontal crash. The left side of the head would also be vulnerable in frontal accidents.

“That left the head vulnerable to contact with forward structures like the windshield pillar and dashboard,” IIHS says.

Meanwhile, the Honda Civic Sedan and Accord are both rated IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus, making them the best of the best for vehicle safety. In the IIHS tests of the Honda models, IIHS said the coupe and sedan models earned good ratings for restraints and structure. They added that dummy movement was minimal, and survival space was well maintained.

If you’ve been on the fence between the Honda and Toyota models, crash test should be an important factor. Waikem Honda in Massillon, Ohio has a great selection of Honda Civic models now, and we’d love to show you in person why the Honda Civic is safer than the Toyota Corolla.





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