2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, Most Fuel Efficient Midsize Sedan Hybrid

Honda Wheel

The 2014 Accord Hybrid has received an EPA rating of 50 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway for a combined fuel efficiency of 47 mpg.

This made the 2014 Accord Hybrid a leader in the midsize sedan hybrid class for city driving. The next best competitor is the 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid with rating of 47 mpg in the city. It has a driving range of approximately 673 miles, 46 miles farther then any vehicle in its segment.

The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid is the first Honda hybrid vehicle produced in Ohio, at the company’s Marysville Auto Plant, and joins the Greensburg, Indiana-built Civic Hybrid as the second Honda hybrid model built in the U.S. Honda invested $18.8 million in a 94,000-square-foot expansion of the Marysville Auto Plant, along with the addition of 50 new full-time jobs to handle the special processes specific to the production of this advanced hybrid model.

Rob May, Plant Manager of the Marysville, Ohio auto plant says:

“With more than 30 years of experience producing the Accord in Marysville, our associates have continued to advance our capabilities, and the new 50-mpg rated Accord Hybrid is a very special milestone in our history of innovation in Ohio. Production of this class-leading hybrid represents an important achievement by our associates as they create new value for Honda customers using advanced manufacturing skills and new, cutting-edge technologies.”

Including the expansion at the Marysville Auto Plant, in the past three years Honda has invested nearly $2.7 billion in innovations to and expansion of its North American operations, with more than $1 billion spent in Ohio alone.

The Accord Hybrid uses a highly efficient two-motor hybrid system from Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology advanced powertrain series.

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