Honda Expanding Ohio Manufacturing

Honda North America today announced another $215 million investment in the state of Ohio.

As reported in Automotive News and other outlets, $180 million will be invested at the Honda of American Mfg. Inc. Anna Engine Plant in Anna, Ohio. The goal is to expand capabilities in aluminum die casting and engine parts related to the Honda Earth Dreams Technology engines and transmissions.

“For the 21st century of manufacturing, we believe our success will be defined by the successful interaction between our associates and technology,” said Rick Schostek, senior vice president of Honda North America, Inc. “Even as we introduce more sophisticated technologies in our products and in our plants, we are working to ensure that our associates are equipped with the skills required for the manufacturing requirements of the future. We view this investment in Honda people as critical to our future success.”

Honda will also add a new technical training center at the engine plant and new office space for the new Honda North America Services LLC in Marysville, Ohio. These investments bring nearly $2.7 billion Honda has invested in North America over the past 3 years.

Along with the new investment at the engine plant, Honda will construct a new 160,000-square foot building in Marysville. The new building will house Honda’s new training facility, a heritage center and office space for Honda’s new shared  services company. The $35 million expansion is scheduled to open Fall 2014.

The heritage center will highlight the products and significant milestones in the history of Honda in North America, with an emphasis on the role of Honda operations in Ohio. With plans to be open to the public, the center will showcase Honda’s accomplishments during the 36 years since the company announced in 1977 that it would establish a production operation in Ohio.

“We’re excited to highlight our more than 30-year history of manufacturing in North America,” Schostek said. “The new Honda facility in Marysville represents an important link between our past achievements and our increasing responsibilities in the future that require advanced production skills and technologies.”

In addition to major investments at the Anna Engine Plant, Honda also has been implementing advanced technologies and introducing new products at all of its plants in North America. In Ohio alone, the investments over the last three years now total more than $1 billion.

Honda has been busy in Ohio over the past few months and years. Honda announced early this year that an Accord Hybrid will made in Ohio. Last year, the all new 2013 Honda Accord debuted in Marysville, Ohio with a CVT Transmission made in Marysville.

More than 15 million Hondas have been assembled in Buckeye State over 30 years.

Waikem Honda was one of the first Ohio Honda dealerships, and we’re proud to stand by and watch them continue to grow. Learn more about Waikem Honda and Honda’s relationship with the Buckeye State. 

Source: Honda Press Release

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