Waikem Offers $1,000 More than AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace


The Waikem Auto Family is offering customers $1,000 more than AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace instant offer, if they choose to trade the vehicle in to the Waikem Auto Family and purchase a new or used vehicle from any Waikem location.

AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace is the quick and easy way to find out what your current vehicle is worth. Follow these easy steps to get your initial value, and remember, we’ll pay you even more if you choose to trade it in for your next vehicle:

  1. Visit AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace
  2. Accurately fill out their simple appraisal form
  3. Get your guaranteed instant offer from AutoTrader
  4. Visit www.waikem.com or stop out at any Waikem Auto Family location to search our inventory. 
  5. Bring AutoTrader’s offer, and we’ll add $1,000 if you choose to purchase from Waikem.

Click Here Trade In

Waikem is the area’s official buying center for AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace. So if even if you just want to sell the car, Waikem will write you a check for AutoTrader’s offer,  if everything is accurate in your AutoTrader Appraisal.

There is a huge demand for used cars, so we may be willing to pay you even more than what AutoTrader will offer you.

All AutoTrader offers expire in 72 hours, so if you need a new appraisal, find out a guaranteed offer from AutoTrader. Remember, we’ll add $1,000 to that price if you trade it in and purchase your next vehicle at any Waikem location. 

Search new and used inventory.

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