Waikem Wants to Buy Your Car

If you own a quality vehicle in this market, you are driving a gold mine.

There is a huge demand for quality used car vehicles in the market, and the Waikem Auto Family wants to buy your car.

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Many factors, including the recession and natural disasters in American and abroad, meant there were fewer cars available from 2007-2011. That means right now, the quality used cars demand is exceeding the supply. Waikem has to be creative to find these quality used cars, and in fact, Doug Waikem has been featured nationally in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Time Magazine and Fox Business News, discussing the demand for used cars.

Call 855-Buy-Cars. (855-289-2277)

I hope you’ll hear what Doug Waikem is saying in these stories: “I am spending more time now trying to buy cars than sell them.” Other experts quoted in the story say: “Now is a good time to trade in your used car if you have one.” Wall Street also says 2013 is a great year for consumers to buy a car:

“It is a combination of some of lowest interest rates in history, and the highest used car values in history,” Doug Waikem tells the Wall Street Journal.

In summary, Waikem will pay you more than ever for your current vehicle. We are the official buying center for AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace. Find out how AutoTrader values your car right now. It only takes a few minutes, and if everything in your appraisal is accurate, Waikem almost always pays you more than AutoTrader’s guaranteed offer.

We even offer a same day check, if your vehicle is appraised before 4 p.m.

After you’ve found out what it’s worth, make sure to check out our current new and used inventory. Waikem is the only dealership nationwide that has been featured in the major financial publications. Make sure you choose a dealer that is recognized nationally for a tremendous customer experience.

Call 855-Buy-Cars. (855-289-2277) to learn more how to take advantage of this demand.



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