2012 Honda Odyssey: The Ultimate Family Van

2012 Honda Odyssey

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer road trip season, and the 2012 Honda Odyssey is the perfect vehicle for the family trip.

When we got behind the wheel, our first thought was “where was this van when we were kids.”

While we cramped inside uncomfortable bench seats with windows that didn’t open in the 1980s and 90s, the 2012 Odyssey is a comfortable, fully loaded fun mobile that you’ll love driving.

The leather seats are incredibly comfortable and stylish. The model we drove has two back bench seats which were also leather. This is great if you have children or adults in the back seats, because they will sit still during the road trip opposed to fidgeting and trying to maximize legroom.

The front seat drivers even get heated seats!

If there is one complaint, the headrests could be a little softer.

The Odysseycomes with power rear windows that fold down like a car’s windows, so your back seat passengers will always be comfortable.

Another incredible feature is the sunroof. We know it can be hard to trade in the sportscar when you have kids, but with the Odyssey, you can open the power sunroof and feel the wind in your hair again!

We felt that the Odyssey is also a practical model. It’s very easy to slide the seats down or pull them out, because when you own a van, there will always be a day where you need to pull out the seats. The Honda Odyssey makes it easier than ever.

Another nice convenience feature is the automatic closing trunk door. Even the tallest people sometimes have trouble pulling closed a van’s truck door, but now all you need to do is push the trunk close button on the door, and the van does all the hard work.

After you’re done playing with the special features, we think you’ll love driving the Odyssey as well.

If you were blindfolded and put behind the wheel (something we don’t condone) you’d probably think you were driving an Accord or Civic. Simply put, the Odyssey is a smooth driving vehicle. During our test drive, there were many times we were didn’t realize how fast we were going because this is such an easy riding vehicle.

At the end of the test drive we had to park it back in a tight spot on the lot, and it was easier to fit it into a tight spot than some compact models.

With great discounts and lease specials, we think the Honda Odyssey is the best choice for a family van.

It has taken home many awards:

-One of Kelly Blue Book’s “Best Family Cars of 2012”

– Voted “Best Minivan” by MotorWeek

-IIHS Top Safety Pick

-“2012 Residual Value Award for Best Multi-Purpose Vehicle”  from ALG.

We think it’s a great choice compared to the Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan.

If you think the Odyssey is the best choice for you, call 1-877-331-6360 for even more information on this family road trip companion

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